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our 3 pronged approach

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Do It Yourself

If you have a passion for writing, and you have the time to write a manuscript yourself, then that is of course one of the options that we provide our clients.  As a publishing company, we will advise, support and assist you on your journey to writing your very first manuscript!

We can be as involved as you would like, and we will edit and ensure the quality of the manuscript is that of industry standards, while ensuring you maintain your voice and narrative throughout the writing process.

Work With A Professional Writer

Ghost writing is when the author does not physically write the manuscript themselves, but instead, works with a professional writer who writes the book for them.

Now, to make it very clear, this is still 100% YOUR BOOK!  Although you may not put your pen to paper, everything in the book is from your knowledge, your experiences and is from your narrative.  

Ghost writing is for those who want to have a book, but may not have the time to dedicate hours each day actually writing.  Some of the most popular books in the world are from Ghost writers…

Hands Free!

This option is designed for those business owners or experts who have minimal time to dedicate towards writing a book.  If you have always wanted to write a book but thought you would NEVER have the time for it, well you are in luck!!

Using AI technologies, this solution allows the author to be as hands off as possible.  You speak, we transcribe.

Watch your book come to life before your eyes 😉

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Myths About Becoming A Published Author

Well luckily, our team of experts use AI softwares that help get your story on to paper. We use state of the art strategies to turn your voice, words and thoughts into words on paper in record breaking time.

Our team of experts will teach you the proper writing techniques. Not only that, but our team will edit and rearrange your content so it is consistent and professional.

You are an expert in your space. This means you have value that you must share with others. This book can change other peoples lives, and you can leave a legacy.

Your book is now your greatest marketing asset. Use it for giveaways, lead generation and many other lead capture strategies.

If by years you mean 90 days, then yes, it will take years… Our team of experts can have your book ready for you in as little as 90 DAYS from the time you start writing.

Price is all relative. If you utilize your book the RIGHT way, it can generate you an additional 6-7 figures for your business. The best kind of investment is in yourself!

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