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You’re about to find out what makes your new publisher, Results Press, different and definitely unique in the publishing arena. You’re going to experience the reason that you are working with us, and how together we are changing the planet.

Now, let’s be clear, Results Press may not be for everyone. We specialize in books with authors who are coaches, authors, speakers, consultants and healers. If you are in the business of helping others to succeed, to grow and become more and better, we want to talk to you.

Results Press is not a typical publisher. Here’s why we don’t just review manuscripts and accept one out of 100,000. We believe that this is dying model, and this is definitely proven as there are so few of these traditional dinosaurs left.

Our goal and mandate to help as many experts become published authors as possible. Once you are published, it will assist you in growing your business, and add additional streams of income all built around your book. There are authors that have added up to $1,000,000 to their bottom line, all because they learned how to utilize the contents of their book. You can do the same.

You should know, you are going to invest a great deal of time, energy, effort and money into this project, and we want it to be a huge success. Take the time to speak with your Book Architect about how you can get your book completed faster.

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You Don’t Have to Write It

If you are busy changing lives and growing businesses, we have the answers. We have a team of Ghost Writers. These people write for a living, and they can help get your book completed in less time. Think about it, no typing. Just a beautiful book, in less time.

Learn How to Leverage the Press

Wouldn’t be fantastic to get free press coverage? You can, and we’ll show you how to get interviews and write press releases. You may even want to hire a Book Publicist, we’ll give you the ins and outs of the good and not so good.

Marketing and Sales

We want you to succeed. You will learn the most effective marketing techniques for your book and add-on products. Plus, we’ll even show you the sales tools that the ultra-successful authors use to sell more copies, more speaking gigs, and more coaching.

More Products

More products mean more sales, more sales mean more money. Find out the TOP 10 ways to repurpose the contents of your book to create valuable, desirable and highly saleable products.

You Own the Intellectual Property

While this may not sound exciting, it’s extremely important. Traditional publishers own the IP, you would give it up if they accept you. While it's extremely difficult to get a manuscript accepted, and you make very little, you also lose the rights to your IP. With Result Press, you retain ownership. This is what allows you to repurpose your IP.


Getting your book out is of utmost importance. The more eyes on your book, the more you sell. More sales of your book equates to more sells of the other money makers you sell. We’ll give you the inside track or distribution of the book, and the keys to getting your other stuff in front of more eyes.

Results Press - The Leader in Inspirational Publishing

You Will Collapse Time Frames

Get your book completed in less time. Work with your personal Book Architect to expedite the process, while delivering a WOW to everyone that sees your book.

The Additions

Our team is your team. We are here to assist you at every turn. We know where the curves and speed bumps are.

Your Brand

Your brand is what attracts paying clients into your funnel. Your book is the foundation of your brand.


Your Results Press published book gives you the ability to increase your impact. Touch more lives in a meaningful way, and help improve more businesses.

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